Could Warmer Temperatures Lead To A ‘Bed Bug Summer’?

A winter of warmer temperatures and the early onset of the summer heat could lead to an increase in unwanted visitors, most notably bed bugs, one industry expert has claimed. In an interview with the Daily Mirror Rob Simpson, from the industry body Basis Prompt ( said that country-wide warmer temperatures so far this year could lead to a ‘summer of bugs’.

Not only does this unexpected visitor make its presence felt in summer, but more and more now during the wintertime. This is due to two main factors – centrally heated homes and rising average temperatures. The growing incidence of this rather unpleasant pest is likely to continue rising, as most long term weather forecasts suggest that we will have a warmer than usual winter.

Bedbugs are the last things we need when we want to rest and sleep in the tranquillity and comfort of our bed after working all day. We at Axatax can assist with getting rid of bedbug problems and the itchy torment of bedbug infestations in beds, carpets, clothes and furniture in homes, hostels, hotels and bed and breakfasts – in fact, in any accommodation.

Unwanted, Unseen & Unrelenting

Apart from discomfort, bites and blood sucking, bedbugs multiply very quickly. Female bedbugs typically lay from 100 to 250 eggs a month, so there is clearly a likelihood of infestation unless swift action is taken. Temperatures all over the country have been much warmer this year. With shorter winters, bedbugs finish hibernating early and start their reproductive cycles that much sooner.

The old adage “Sleep tight – hope the bed bugs don’t bite!” may have more than just a ring of truth this summer. Bedbugs feed on warm-blooded animals and people especially at night, producing skin irritation and leaving unsightly inflamed bite marks. Physically, these tiny insects are very resilient and can travel easily between houses – especially in cities. They also love warm, dark places – above all inside furniture. Notably, covering mattresses with a plastic cover will help to stop them entering – but also from leaving.

We use modern techniques and safe products to ensure a thorough and effective removal of any bed bugs in your home. In addition to powder or spray, Cryonite is an option that freezes the insects to remove them, using carbon dioxide.

Professional removal is always the most effective form of treatment and control. We are based locally, have friendly expert staff and are members of the BPCA (British Pest Control Association) – so you are assured of high-quality service and confidentiality. To avoid a summer (or later winter) of bugs, contact us today – we will be pleased to help.

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